The 5 Benefits of Using VoIP

For those of you who aren’t as ‘au fait’ with the jargon of voice communications market, VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. This refers to the methodology for the delivery voice and multimedia communication over IP networks, in short, the internet.

It is a word that you will likely hear more and more of as time passes. Its predominant function is to turn analogue voice signals into digital ones.

Almost all internet users will have probably used VoIP at some point. The success of Skype has led to many other companies using VoIP as a communications method.

There are number of key benefits to using VoIP technology:

  1. Saving Money

There is no need to rack up high phone bills if you have access to a VoIP system. Where telephone calls to other countries can cost a large chunk of money every minute, VoIP allows you to call almost anywhere in the world for free. All that is needed is a computer and a decent internet connection.

  1. A Complete Media Service

While a simple telephone call offers the ability for voice communication, VoIP allows for a rich multimedia service in a rapidly demanding world.

An individual can now send instant messages, updated availability statuses and partake in video conference calls with VoIP. This has changed the way that the world communicates immeasurably.

  1. Portability

One of the most intriguing and exciting things about VoIP is the ability to ‘carry’ your contact number with you wherever you go. A landline phone requires you to remain pretty stationary during the communication process.

However, a VoIP service offers the user to use the same number anywhere in the world, provided that internet connectivity is available. This has been a key function for many business individuals, who can now remain contactable in spite of their location.

  1. User Customisation

The demand for wholesale customisation in services such as VoIP means that most now cater to specific user demands.

Speed dial, availability information, music-on-hold options, call blocking and black/white listing, click-to-call, Find-Me-Follow-Me (FMFM), call forwarding and personalised ring tone options are all customisable on many VoIP services.

This has seen a rapid growth in popularity over normal phone networks, where customisation is sparse and not particularly helpful.

  1. Application Integration

Many VoIP protocols allow the integration with other IP applications such as instant messenger, social networking, email and web browser services.

This has become a valuable function for users, who can use their VoIP service as a base for almost all of their other applications.

So there you have it. 5 fantastic benefits of VoIP. It must be understood that this technology is not a passing fad. This is likely to become the future of telecommunications. It is therefore essential that everyone becomes accustomed to its functionality.

Try and ignore the seemingly incomprehensible jargon on the internet. It is a very easy system for customers to use, despite its ingenious and complex technologies. Simply assess the aforementioned positives and you will soon realise that VoIP tech is an essential for anyone who needs to communicate on a daily or weekly basis.


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