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Exchange of information using technology has been around for a long time but, whilst many different types of channels with mobile and fixed-line products exist, many more are being developed on a regular basis in today’s technology industries. With the continued development of the internet moving forward at a staggering pace, it is fair to say that the heightened demand for telecommunications networks, infrastructure and the appropriate systems to exchange more and more captured data will be around for a long time.

The social, cultural and economic impact of telecommunications jobs is also huge, affecting all sectors of the community – enabling customers to place orders and businesses to build globally, as well as expanding the ever-increasing social media network. Ingenio knows that at the heart of this demand for technology and reliance upon it are the people who install, maintain, and regulate the telecoms industry.

Ingenio recognise that the telecoms industry itself is always changing and can involve global networking, dealing with new technology, as well as developing solutions for companies and customer interaction. As the telecoms market evolves, so too does the job market within it. The mobile industry, broadband into the home and wireless local area networks (LANs) outside the corporate world are all sectors that show signs of further development, requiring people to fill roles within the telecoms sector.

Of course, as well as specialist roles, telecoms jobs include opportunities in non-technical areas such as sales, accounts, public relations and marketing, human resources and administration. Ingenio appreciate that a holistic approach is crucial to the overall success and delivery of a corporate strategy and that, increasingly, jobs in telecoms are about creating business solutions as well as the actual technology. Aside from knowing the industry, knowing who to place and where to place them based on their technical knowledge and personal characteristics is a skill in itself – yet another offered by Ingenio.

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