The most important choice you’ll make on the journey to becoming a VoIP reseller

For a VoIP reseller, choosing a services provider partner is a very important decision. Select the right partner, and you should soon find your capability, skills, confidence and sales flying; got it wrong and you could set yourself back months, undermine the confidence of your sales team and even impact the image and reputation of your business.

What you need to look for in a VoIP reseller provider? The key factors are their track record and their competency. You need to know that you can work with then and trust them to deliver, both from a commercial and a technical perspective. Their track record and reputation in the industry and with other partners should be a good indication here. You need to know that the provider will support you in the early days, when you are trying to get your sales moving.

You also need to be certain they are committed to working with you and other partners. No reseller business wants to see the supplier taking business away from them. It’s important for you to own the relationship and for them to support you and back you on that. Even if they do need to communicate with the end-user customer in the initial stages, it’s important for you to own rthe relationship.

You also need to know that they are capable and eager to support you once you have sold a VoIP service. This is critical, as it is often during the provisioning and installation stage that things can start to go wrong. You want your VoIP services provider to have the resources and technical capability to support you. The track record is also important here of course, if they have done it all before on many occasions, there will be nothing to worry about.

There are many other factors you should consider as well of course: their policy on sales commissions and recurring revenues; management and billing; their long-term commitment and stability of both the business itself and its partnerships. You need to consider all these factors when setting out on your journey to becoming a successful resellers of IP-based voice services. Of all the choices you might have to make along the way, the selection of your main VoIP provider is the most important. Get it right and your sales and reputation as business will grow stronger.